Monday, May 21, 2012

The Ole Bandwagon

A lot has happened in the past 2-ish months!!  Nothing super-duper exciting, just much of the regular with a few extras thrown in.  I am still waiting to get to a predictable "normal" around here, and I think, hopefully! we are almost there. 

I keep thinking back to this post when I thought we had finally hit "normal" again.  Hahaha!!  April had one "normal" week, and then Susannah had a week of swimming lessons, the week after that was an attempt at potty training (Yes, attempt.  It did not work, but was not a complete fail either), the following week the house was falling down around my ears as a result of the two previous weeks... and well, you get the picture.  Life happens and goes on!!  And I do enjoy my life most of the time.  When I'm not enjoying it, I have to give myself a sermon and soon I'm realizing how enjoyable it is again.  :-)

This week, though, THIS WEEK, I'm determined to intentionally keep myself steered in the direction of a normal that fits our needs.  A normal that keeps the laundry washed, folded AND put away, good meals on the table, the floors picked up, swept and washed as needed, and of course meeting the needs of our girls.

I have a weeks worth of to-do lists already on the fridge (from the last time I made this attempt, cough-cough), and today I put together a very short list of goals I would like to aim for this week.  "Aim for" are the key words.  With a nursing babe I never know quite what my days will be like, though I usually have a general idea.

Aside from the regular housekeeping,  these are the other things I am hoping I can work on or even get completely accomplished:
  • Write 3 thank-you notes (for baby gifts)
  • Do 1 hour of bookwork (I kinda fell behind when Sylvia was born)
  • Clean in the Master Bedroom for 15 minutes (Sylvia sleeps in there so a long cleaning stint would be tricky.)
  • Finish sewing the kitchen curtains
 Having a list with actual goals written on it is more motivating to me than just thoughts in my head of "this would be nice" or "I should do this".  Like my husband says, I like to draw straight lines (crossing things off a list).  :-)

Of course my top priority (after being a wife) is being mama to these two cuties:

We'll see what the Lord has planned for us this week!  I can make all the lists and plans in the world, but sometimes He has or allows different plans.


Katie said... [Reply to comment]

Your comment about doing laundry AND putting it away made me laugh. My laundry has a hard time making it from the living room to the dresser. More often then not we are grabbing clean clothes off the couch! lol So fun to see pictures of your girlies they are cute as a bugs ear :)