Friday, May 4, 2012

Susannah's April in Pictures

I have been wanting to do a post about Susannah for a while, but have only been able to work on it in little bits and pieces.  :) 

I loaded these pictures into a post draft with a post in mind, but now that I have am taking time to write, I can't remember what all I was going to say!!!

My brother came for a couple days at the beginning of the month, and Susannah had a lot of fun with her Uncle Luke.  He is reading her a bedtime story here:

We have a shoe box for everyone's shoes, but all of the shoes are rarely in it.  Susannah likes to dig out the shoes and clomp around in any two shoes, matching or not. :-)  Here she is wearing Daniel's shoes and my slipper socks.

 One day we went on a little adventure to the local feed and seed store.  It was their open house and I knew they had baby chicks in for the weekend (my MIL works there).  Susannah had fun looking at the baby chicks!

I always check on Susannah before I crawl in bed for the night.  Usually she has thrown off her covers.  This time she was very much under her covers, and her blankie.  I made sure her face was not covered and left her alone.  :-)

 At the beginning of April, Susannah had a week of swimming lessons.  It was a Mom & Me class and it was wonderful.  The first day she was clingy and fussed for the first several minutes (ea. lesson was 30 min.), the second day she was clingy but fussed jut a little, and by the third day she was having fun.  She now LOVES to do pretend lessons with her dolly!!  She gets me to sing the songs to go along with the exercises they did in the lessons while she does the motions with her doll! I've been impressed with how much she has remembered, and plan to sign her up for another week or two yet this summer.  By the end of the week she could go underwater (with help) and pick a toy up from the pool steps, and also be submerged for a couple other of the exercises.  She is silly, though, and holds her breath with her mouth open. :)  I think that will change over time and with more lessons, though.

Afterwards I got her some swim goggles.  Mostly for her to get used to wearing so she would leave them on for future lessons (they are not required, but recommended because of the chlorine in pool water).  She is so cute in them, and is wearing them more and more around the house.  Today she wore them to eat lunch!

Susannah is a little mama to her dolly. :-)  One afternoon when I was taking a load of baby clothes out of the dryer, she came into the laundry room with her baby and asked for some clothes for her baby.  I helped her get her baby dressed in some of Sylvia's too small clothes.  Later when Sylvia was awake, she wanted her blankie spread "just right" on her bedroom floor.  Then she put her dolly on the blankie and asked me to put Sylvia there, too! 

And because this face is just so cute and kissable and loveable:

She is growing taller and taller.  Many of her dresses that fit in January and February are getting too short, and I notice that she is taller when she is standing at the bathroom sink, the table, the counters, etc.  Her vocabulary is growing, too.  She still babbles in her all vowel language quite a bit, but she also communicates with real words much of the time using 2 - 4 word phrases.

Some of her Susannah-isms are: 
stoom = spoon
gn (or ng... not sure how to spell it!) = stool  She can say "stool" but still calls it "gn" (but it's not really with an "n" because it's all said at the back of your mouth... )
buhyer = butter or peanut butter
buhyer fanich = peanut butter and jelly sandwich
tashews = cashews (Yes, she is that specific about which nuts she wants for her snack!)


Zookeeper Jess said... [Reply to comment]

She is adorable! My 2 year old also digs random unmatching shoes uot of our shoe box and walks around in them too. She's been doing it since she was about 18 months old :)

Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

You have an utterly cute kid, Mini!!!

Kelly said... [Reply to comment]

Such a cutie!!