Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Sunday Post

Another week has come and gone and everything is going pretty well. I haven't had to do any real cooking yet (I think I made some macaroni this week... and that might be the most major thing I've "cooked" since Sylvia was born!), we had a few meals brought to us and ate leftovers and meals from the freezer. And I still have 3 meals from my MOPS group to pick up, too! Wow, I really won't have to cook again until next month!!

Last Sunday after we got home from church I asked Daniel to take some pictures of Susannah. She was just too cute in her blue dress with her hair extra curly that day.

The big adventure of this week was Friday morning. Both girls (I love saying "girls" and "both girls"!!!) had doctor appointments. Sylvia had her 2 week checkup and Susannah her 2 year checkup. I was really glad the office let me schedule them both together - in the same room, same time! - but I also knew it was going to take herculean effort to get us there on time: the appointment was at 8:45am. I asked Daniel if he could go with us, and he was happy to take the morning off from work and play a huge role in getting us all ready, fed, out the door and to the appointment on time. It was also great to have another set of hands since there were two people to get undressed, up and down from the table, dressed back up, and so on.

The appointment went great! Sylvia weighed 10 lbs. right on the dot (so just over 2 lbs. above her birth weight). Susannah got 3 shots, and I was prepared for her to cry (even though she is pretty hardy). She squirmed quite a bit for the first two, but held still for the third. No tears shed! Wow, I was impressed! I would have completely understood if she had cried - I want to cry at shots! - but she didn't. I guess she has a high pain tolerance or something. After they put on the band-aids and she was back on the floor, she pulled her dress up to check out the "stickers" on each leg. :-) Susannah is also on track for her age, ranging from the 50th to 75th percentile in different areas.

Susannah continues to love her sister. She calls Sylvia "Sigh-ee-uh" or "Suh-ee-uh" and gets excited when she sees Sylvia for the first time after her nap, etc.

Before Sylvia was born, and after we'd put the baby swing together, Susannah LOVED to turn the swing on, and then get on her rocking horse and rock with the swing. One day this week Sylvia was in the swing (turned off), and Susannah turned it on and got on her horse to rock. It was so cute! I was able to get some of it on video. I apologize for it being off center. Our camera must tape in one size, and I'm not sure how to get the entire width onto blogger.

I feel like it has been a good week and I'm looking forward to getting into an even better "groove" this coming week if all goes well. I'm not back to housekeeping anywhere near normal, but we're wearing clean clothes every day and the dishwasher helps keep the dishes clean. :-)


Rosey said... [Reply to comment]

Those are precious pictures. You have darling babies.Enjoy them because they grow up fast.I know because I have 8 that did.