Monday, March 19, 2012

Life With Two Little Girls

As I fully expected, life with two little people to care for is different than life with one little person to care for. But I would not trade it for the WORLD.

So far I've only been "solo" for 2 days since Sylvia was born, and we just kinda rolled through each day as it went along. And I was glad for my 1 morning cup of coffee. :-) Daniel took off for the week after Sylvia was born and my sister-in-law came to visit and help Wed. - Fri. of this past week. She was a huge help, getting the dishes washed, the floors swept, and did a boat-load of laundry for me.

Today I am back to flying solo, so we will just roll along with the day however it goes!! Last night was the first night I let Sylvia go longer stretches (about 5 hrs.) between her night-time feedings, so I am hopefully a little more rested, too. (Even though, on the whole, I have been MORE rested since Sylvia was born than I was for about a month before her birth!)

All committed help has already been here, and those 2 weeks flew past!! On that note, I can't believe today is Sylvia's 2 week birthday, either!! Now I am really back in the saddle, so whatever happens or doesn't happen is up to me. Thankfully we are still getting meals, and my sisters gave us a LOT of food. We have meals coming every other day yet this week, a well-stocked freezer of casseroles ready to bake, and a few more people that have said they want to bring us a meal in another week or two. Wow! "Blessed" is an appropriate word!!

I know this is a shorter post, but I am starving for breakfast plus I need to get up and get moving for the day. I hope to be able to post more soon!


Kelly said... [Reply to comment]

Looks like you all are doing well! Your girls look so happy together! So glad your adjustment to two is going well!

Cate said... [Reply to comment]

Haha, I feel way more well-rested with a newborn than I did during my last month or so of pregnancy, too! During that last stretch I felt like anytime I sat down and got comfy, I fell asleep. :-)

So glad to hear that you're transitioning well to having two kids and that you've had so much help. That's a lifesaver!