Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lake Day

Last Friday was an impromptu lake day for my family. Going to the lake was a very big thing for our family "back in the day". Like for probably 5 or 6 years we would go to the lake ev-er-ry Sunday from the first of May to as late in September as possible. I learned to water ski when I was 6 (I think). Now, with everyone living hither and yon, and all our own schedules, jobs, commitments, and so on, it's a juggling act to find ONE day when it suits everyone to go to the lake.

All but one of my siblings was able to be there! I don't think Daniel and I were able to go last year, and it had been a couple years since another sister had been able to go. 2 out of the 5 brothers-in-law were there, and all 3 of the grandkids were there :) The weather has not been very hot in the Valley yet this year, so last week when the daytime highs weren't above 80, we knew that "back at the lake" it was going to be cooler. I drove to Mom & Dad's Thursday night and woke up cold Friday morning. It was long-sleeves and jeans weather! None-the-less, the boat was loaded and hooked up, I made a trashbag full of popcorn, coolers were loaded with hotdogs and supplies, and all the last minute things were gotten, called, fed, filled, figured out, etc. When we got back to the lake it was still overcast and breezy. On the cool side. Glen was ready to get in the water right away and it didn't take him too long to get wet. The rest of us were a little more skeptical.

Eventually most of us got in, and several people water skied. The water was cool for sure. It took a while to "ooze" in, but once you got to a certain point, it was just torture so you had to just plunge in the rest of the way. It wasn't too bad once you got used to it, but not as warm as it has been other times!!! Mid afternoon the sun came out and it was pretty nice - for sitting on the shore :)

I didn't get a ton of pictures taken, but here are some of them.

Paul & Bobby
(the 2 nephews)

My youngest brother, Glen, and Bobby

Glen (left) and Laura getting ready to ski.

Laura skiing

Laura getting ready to ski; Dad drove the boat the whole day.


Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

I was getting ready to ask you to put up your pictures, but now I don't have to!! Thanks!

Elizabeth said... [Reply to comment]

What a fun day at the lake!

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Really good pictures! I'm glad you came. I know it was at least some of a sacrifice, but it was so nice to have most of us together again.