Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Giant Grocery G______

I couldn't think of a "G" word to go along with the rest of my title.

I won't be doing much grocery shopping the next two weeks, so I had fun, fun, fun today!! Ah, it was so nice to get all the really great deals, and get as many of them as I had coupons for! It felt like a wonderful "stock-up" day. I only went to Kroger, which has a really nice "10 item mega event" sale going on this week.

Food:10 (32oz) Powerade - $.79 ea.
6 big boxes Rice Krispies - $.99 ea.
6 Yoplait Yogurts - $.33 ea.
5 Cheerios Snack Mix - $.49 ea.
5 pkgs. Tyson Split Chic. Breasts - $10.64/all (roughly $.66/lb)
7 French's Mustard - $.49 ea.
4 gal. Orange Juice - $1.25!!! Manager's Special I couldn't pass up!
2 Kraft Salad Dressing - $.19 ea.
2 Tombstone Pizzas - $2.49 ea.
3 Sargento Cheese - $.49 ea.
2 Oscar Mayer lunchmeat - $2.49 ea.
Fiber One Yogurt - FREE
Lettuce - $1.05
3 Apples - $1.55
4 Nectarines - $1.42 (oops, he rang them up as peaches, $.10/lb more. Oh well)
18 ct. Eggs - $1.48
2 Cream Cheese - $.79 ea.

Shelf Price: $148.78
Spent: $58.86
Saved: $89.92 / 60%

8pk. Brawny Paper Towels - $4.49 (a $1 Cellfire Q was supposed to come off but it didn't??)
3 L'Oreal Vive Pro - $.69 ea
6 Cat Treats - FREE (yes, for our dog :P )

Shelf Price: $30.73
Spent: $7.33
Saved: $23.40 / 76%


Daniel is my hero. He helped me figure out my veeerrrry long receipt. He's the one that found that one pack of chicken that hadn't been taxed, causing a $.07 difference in my total! I have been going to the "other" Kroger the past several weeks, and the people there have been really nice, and the cashiers amazing. I am much more comfortable with them, and don't mind having a conversation with the people there, which is very different from the other Kroger (with the super-friendly male cashier). I'm just really glad that all the cashiers have been so great so far! This is the store that I had serious trouble at a couple times with my coupons. I had 40 coupons today! Thankfully no one got in line behind me until we were almost done, and I made sure the cashier was ok with it before he started. When we got to the coupons I told him that since I had so many I wanted to hand them to him in batches. He did really great at scanning them, and when he was done he said he's had people in there with an even bigger pile than I had! I like it when the cashiers seem to be excited over my savings :)

When Daniel saw all the Rice Krispies he asked if I was going to make Rice Krispie Treats :) I might have to get some marshmallows and make some for him.


Maria D. said... [Reply to comment]

WOW. Your post left my jaw dropping! That was an epic shopping trip on so many levels!

Maybe "Gala" should be the last word in your title.:-)

Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

ummm....Rice Krispie Treats would be good "on the road" food. (hint hint)

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Looks like you did a super-duper job! Those savings look really impressive. The food looks really, really good. I could take a big glass of the orange juice about now...(just in from the garden).

Katie said... [Reply to comment]

40 coupons?! Wow! Where do you get all your coupons? Do most come from the internet or newspapers or a combination of the two? What internet coupon sites do you use? I have so many questions...sorry :)

Miriam said... [Reply to comment]

Katie - all 40 were "regular" coupons :) We get 2 papers delivered, a lady at church gives me hers, and several people on my MIL's street give theirs to my MIL and then she gives them to me. Sometimes I end up with 5-7 inserts! I love it :) IPQs I get mostly from (in my sidebar), the e-coupon sites are, and (the ones you load to your Kroger card).

Katie said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks for the info Miriam!