Monday, January 27, 2014

Sewing, Bows and Snow!

Susannah is fascinated with the sewing she's seen me do lately. She hasn't watched me do much because, quite honestly, I can't be very productive with little exploring hands around so I do pretty much all of my sewing during naptime or after the girls' bedtime. One evening she was pretending hard to sew with a few scraps of fabric. I decided to be a brave mom and give her a threaded needle and show her how to push and pull the needle through the fabric. I warned her that the needle was very pokey and that she would probably poke herself sometimes.  I also gave her guidelines for sewing: she had to be sitting down and she had to be sitting where I could see her. Since I was working in the kitchen, she brought her rocking chair to the kitchen where she sat and sewed while I worked on supper. She chit-chatted much of the time, telling me what all she was making (clothes for her Baby). Once in a while I would hear "Ouch! I poked myself!" and then she would go on sewing. She had a lot of fun and she was fun to watch.

It's been colder the past several weeks than what seems normal for our area. While I'm really glad to have an actual COLD winter (though I know it's nothing compared to out west or up north!), it does mean more inside time for all of us. One day the girls decided to bring me the hairbows out of the drawer in the bathroom. One at a time, they would bring me another bow to put in their hair. When the bows had all been placed upon their heads, I took their picture. :)

With the cold weather we finally got some real snow! It started snowing late in the evening and was likely to stop before the girls woke up the next morning. Susannah really wanted to go out in it, which meant Sylvia then wanted to as well. Though the temperatures were in the low 20s I decided since they wanted to, why not?? I bundled them up and sent them outside to romp for a few minutes while Daniel was getting a load of firewood. I knew they wouldn't be out long but that they would really have fun. They were outside for maybe 15 minutes at the most but came in pretty excited to have been outside. Since the snow was just a few inches deep, it was easy enough for them to get around by themselves. Over the next few days I repeated the process (in the daytime, though) and they enjoyed it.


Amanda said... [Reply to comment]

Glad to see the girls were able to enjoy a bit of snow!

It is amazing how fast our children pick up on what we are doing. Lovely to see Susanna trying her hand at sewing for her baby!

Gina said... [Reply to comment]


Just wanted to pass along that we used to make sewing cards for the kiddos at our elementary school with old greeting cards (punch holes around with a whole punch) and a piece of colored yarn. We just wrapped tape tightly around one end of the yarn for a pointy end, or you could use those non sharp big plastic needles since she sits in the room with you when she sews. We kept the cards and yarns in a little box and the kids just loved their sewing center.

Your girls are adorable. How fun! Mine are 26 and 21 years old and I miss them being little so much. Don't blink!