Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bits & Pieces of Everyday Life

Two Sunday nights ago Susannah woke up about 11:45pm crying. She walked into the dining room and lost all of her stomach contents onto the floor. Daniel can handle cat barf and cat poo (thankfully the latter almost never happens) but not people barf. I was upstairs getting ready for bed and he yelled for me to "Come! Now!" I knew right then that something was wrong and most likely it involved vomit. She threw up two more times as I was getting her and myself situated for spending the night on the couches in the living room. After that she slept, I didn't really sleep, and she woke up right as rain and ready to eat breakfast. I felt like I'd spent the night on a McDonald's sign and wanted to sleep for about another year; yay for coffee even if it's just 1/2-caf!

Yesterday morning Sylvia woke up and was not herself at all. She wouldn't even touch her breakfast and only whispered one-word responses to my questions. 3 miniscule bites into her breakfast (that I was feeding her, again not usual) she threw up. She threw up about 10 minutes later and that was it. Over the course of the next hour she slowly returned to normal activity and personality. 

I have no idea what either of those episodes were about. Neither lasted long, neither seemed to be a genuine "bug" because it wasn't the typical stomach-bug throwing up and GI issues. Both illnesses were very short-lived. *shrug*


Now to the other end. This past Friday evening right at dinner-time Sylvia started asking to go potty. Every 5 or 10 minutes. Maybe going as long as 15 or 20 minutes a time or two. Most of the times she was productive, even if it was just a teaspoon. Taking off and putting on her diaper got real old, real fast. Daniel was working late so my evening was pretty much totally consumed with potty trips and barely getting a few other things done in teeny spurts.

Saturday morning the first thing I did after breakfast was abandon Daniel and the girls at home and I went to WalMart to get pull-ups (and a few other things that were waiting for the rare trip to WalMart). Pull-ups are SO much easier to use than diapers when you're doing up and down and up and down so often. She now spends her wake-times in pull-ups and surprisingly does pretty good. She hasn't stayed completely dry which is why I am not putting her in big-girl undies yet. She also hasn't been letting us know about doing #2 until after she does it in her diaper or pull-ups. Not even going to try big-girl undies until that one is learned! Ew.

I wasn't ready to get serious with potty training her, planning to do it after the baby comes, but I guess she decided she's ready so here we go!! Now I'm just hoping she figures out how to go a little longer between trips by the time the baby comes.


It snowed last night and this morning. It was so pretty and peaceful to sit for a few minutes of quiet and watch the snow falling outside between the time Daniel left for work and the girls woke up. Now it's all gone and mid-40's outside. I wouldn't mind if we got some real snow yet this winter.


Yesterday marked 2 months until our baby's due date. I have plenty that I feel like I need to get done in that time and knowing that I only have 8-ish weeks to do it in... I gotta get moving!!  One thing I really, really want to do is get all the clothes packed away that Sylvia has outgrown. Um, yeah. They've kinda just been piling up in a pile. If I knew we were having another girl I wouldn't be too worried about it because it will all be the right sizes in the right seasons. However, we don't know if it's a girl or boy and the thought of having all those girl clothes out IF we have a boy... and then bringing in boy clothes...  This week I've started in on the pile. Progress is being made and I think it's easily do-able one piece at a time.


One thing I determined this past fall needed to happen, and must happen before the baby comes is getting a better toy storage system in place. We have a bookshelf where all the toys are supposed to go, but each set of toys had it's own random container, box, no container, etc. Re-used containers for those kind of things bug me for various reasons: the kids can't see what's in each container/box; they can't easily open them by themselves; if it's a box, the box ends up crumbled, dented or torn and then doesn't serve it's purpose very well at all; and all the random shapes and sizes just don't fit on the shelf efficiently.

This morning I had the hair-brained idea that TODAY was THE DAY. I have been thinking about this for a few months so I knew exactly what kind of storage I was looking for and where to find it. After working on the previously mentioned out-grown-clothes-pile for a while, I announced a trip to town. Off to Target we went and we came home with all sizes of rectangle, CLEAR, easy-open (but will not just pop open!) containers. Susannah was so excited and immediately asked if she could start putting the toys in them. She loaded a few before lunch and then after lunch she and I worked on it. We're not done, and we may need to get a few more containers as we find toy sets that I would really like contained instead of just "displayed" on the shelf, but already it is looking worlds better. And it makes the "likes things organized" part of me smile. :) My favorite things is that we can all SEE exactly what is in each container!

Oh, and trust me, I have purged our toy collection over time and packed away the baby toys. We still have plenty and some more may get purged, but the main issue was poor storage for what we do have.


I haven't gotten much done in the sewing department this week. I am missing it and really wanting to finish the outfit I'm working on. Tuesday I started working on it during naptime but Susannah woke up early and I couldn't do much more with her "help." Yesterday was so off from Sylvia being sick and then making dinner times two to take a batch to a friend. I didn't get to touch sewing yesterday. I think now I will head up and see what kind of progress I can make. 

I think this post covers all things. From both ends of the body to toys to clothes to sewing. Oh, and the weather was discussed. :)  Till next time!


Kelly said... [Reply to comment]

I love your updates! I can't believe you just have 8 weeks left! How exciting :)

We were supposed to get snow, but it never happened - usually doesn't here in AL.

I'm glad the girls were only sick a short time! That's a blessing!