Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tiny Talk Tuesday - Singing Inchworms!

This is a Tiny Talk Tuesday compiled over the course of several weeks as I jot things down.

This morning I remembered something from yesterday's shopping trip. :)  As we were finishing up in WalMart, Sylvia was getting rutchy in her carseat and I knew it was because she was in bad need of her nap that was being disturbed.  After loading us all into the car, I commented "Sylvia, you can close your eyes and go to sleep now."  I didn't think another thing of it.  About 5 min. down the road, I hear Susannah very sternly (ok, bossily!) saying "Sulia (like "Julia"), cose eyes, seep! (close eyes, sleep)"  Then she said it again.  I glanced in the mirror to see Susannah looking quite stern and wagging her finger at Sylvia while saying this!  Needless to say, I had to on-the-fly come up with a brief lesson on who is and is not the "boss" and how we need to speak nicely.



Current Susannah-ese:

Cottage cheese with peaches = "Cottage Peaches"

Wear (like wearing clothes) = "wearya"

Pillow = "Puhyer"

Hear or Heard = "Her"  {"Her Daddy take shahyer (shower)?" is a common one on Sunday mornings. :-)}

Pajamas = "Dah-mez" {That one took me a whole bedtime routine to figure out!}



Tuesday evening Daniel, Susannah and I were out in the addition relaxing and hanging out (we have mattresses out there on the floor from when we had overnight guests).  Susannah had a lot of fun running around in the big open living room while Daniel and I sat and relaxed.  She found a bucket of drywall screws and picked a few of them up.
Daniel:  Susannah, what are those?
Susannah: Nails!
Daniel:  No, not nails...
Susannah:  Pokey things!  (They are sharp and pointy on the ends.)



{Susannah putting away utensils from the dishwasher.}  Just for fun, I gave her an inch-worm kiss (a silly thing I came up with the other night during bedtime).  After giving her an inch-worm kiss, she said "heard inchworm singing!" 
"You heard an inchworm singing?!
Dear girl, I think you must have excellent hearing!  :-)
{In her defense, I did have some music playing very softly in the background, so I'm sure she was hearing THAT instead of an inchworm.}



In an effort to teach Susannah good manners and politeness, we have started teaching her how to properly ask for something, "May I have ____, please?"  Often times we the answer we give her is "yes, you may."

The conversation used to go something like this:
Susannah: "Cashews? (or other desired item)"
Parent:  "How do you ask?"
 Susannah: "Please? Day-doe!" ("There-ya-go" used to be our answer, and she would say it for us!)

Now the conversation sometimes goes like this:
Susannah: "Cashews please?" 
Parent: "You need to ask the right way."
Susannah: "May have cashews, please? Yessu-may!"

*All of the pictures are from a recent trip to my Aunt and Uncle's farm.


Jen said... [Reply to comment]

She is so cute and growing up so fast!! What a sweetie!! Great pics, too!!

Meghan said... [Reply to comment]

Love seeing little kids holding kittens. Susannah looks ecstatic and the kitten not so much : ) Also the pic on the tractor tire very cute!