Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tiny Talk Tuesday ~ July 2012

This could also be titled "The Adventures of Susannah"
These are some snippets I've collected over the past several weeks.  Enjoy!!

Today in the middle of lunch, Susannah reached over and grabbed my hand.  Then she said "pay first" (pray first).  I was a bit puzzled because we had already prayed for lunch.  Then she started praying!

"Dear Djesus, tait-too nunch.  Eat now.  Sing?"

She forgot the "amen" between her prayer and statement that we could "eat now", then she wanted to sing a song (sometimes we sing before or after we pray for a meal).  WARMED MY HEART!!  This is the first time she has "prayed" all by herself.


Sometimes Susannah still likes to be carried.  When she wants us to carry her, she says "Tarry you-you-you-you?"  


Last week my sister gave us some corn on the cob and I fixed it for our supper.  It was the first COTC that Susannah has eaten this year.  I had to reminder her to not bite into it too far (into the cob) and to move her mouth around on the cob to get more corn. :-)  Towards the end of supper, I glanced over and noticed the END of the cob was missing (the ears were young and the pointy end didn't have any edible corn on it).  Then I noticed that she seemed to have a mouth full of food.  Upon investigation, I discovered that she had bitten the end of the cob off and was chewing it!  I had her spit it out and we had a good chuckle.  I then explained to her that the cob was food for the pigs, not for us to eat. :-)


Trying to get Susannah to say "horse" with the H sound, I was saying "Huh-huh-huh HORSE".  She would say "Huh-huh-huh WORSE!"

Yellow = "Lallow"
Spoon is still "stoom"  :-)


Susannah is an imitator, through and through.  Last evening we were in the kitchen and I heard her "reading".  I turned around to see what she was doing, and she was holding my pocket calendar book in front of her, opened facing out, reading to a stuffed animal that was on the floor in front of her.  I asked her if that's what they do in her class (Sunday School) and she said "God's Word, BIBLE!"


Susannah now wears "special car panties" for naps and bedtime ("Cars" pull-ups).  Most of the time I don't put her shorts or pants on her for her nap so she sleeps in just her shirt and pull-ups.  This afternoon when I got her up from her nap, I noticed that she had put on her pajama bottoms.  I asked her about it... and then noticed that it sure seemed like she didn't have anything on underneath her pajama bottoms!  I asked her where her "car panties" were, and she said "hiding!"  Then she moved a toy on her bed to reveal her pull-ups and said "peek-boo!"  Then she went on to explain to me that she had done some "lallow" (yellow... what she calls #1 when she does it in her little potty or pull-ups) in the car panties and then took them off.  I told her that next time she could take her car panties off first and use her little potty. :-)