Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tiny Talk Tuesday {Snow Edition}

Yesterday morning I knew the snow was going to be quickly melting, so as soon as Susannah woke up, I gave her a muffin for a quick breakfast and then bundled her up to go outside for a while.

She had fun! This was her first snow experience. It has snowed in her lifetime, but it has never been enough or at the right time for her to be able to go out and enjoy it. It was just deep enough in some places that she kept tripping and falling over. She did not like that, so most of the time we were just walking around and she was holding my hand.

Needless to say, this pregnant mama was kaput and completely spent after about 30 - 40 minutes! She did not want to come inside, she wanted to stay "'side!" and keep walking in the "(s)'now!" ("Snow" without the "s".) But after some putting forth some more oomph and gumph on my part and staying out a bit longer, we did come back inside so she could eat a proper breakfast and I could sit down for a minute!


Most of the time when Susannah gets a diaper change, I apply some "hiney-grease". Either Vaseline or Desitin, depending on the situation. She calls it either "hi-ey geeze" or just "hi-ey". The funny part about this is that I also have a tub of Crisco shortening in the kitchen cupboard that I use for greasing the bread pans, etc. When I pull that out, she ALSO calls it "hi-ey geeze"!! I tell her that no, it's not hiney-grease, it is baking grease :) I guess it's all white and creamy and slimy to her!


Rachel W. said... [Reply to comment]

I love Susannah's half-moon eyes that make her look like she is laughing inside most of the time.