Monday, October 3, 2011

Allergies and Goals

Two things I'm working on lately. One because it happens and one because I have decided to, want to or need to.

Springtime finds Daniel sneezing and blowing his nose. And every spring I'm thankful that my allergies are very mild. Then THIS time of year rolls around when ragweed is in full bloom and the leaves are starting to drop from trees. I groan and think "ugh, I DO have allergies. Now it's MY turn" to sneeze my head off and blow my brains out. Seriously, some days I come this close to stuffing a cotton-ball up each tickling, drizzling nose-hole and calling it a day. My fall allergies weren't this bad until I started living in this area of the state. I think I should buy stock in Puffs Plus tissues.

My goals for last week, well, I need to improve on some of them. This past weekend was my sister's bridal shower and I had some extra busy-ness preparing some food for that. My goals were:

*BE in bed by 10:30 - 10:45 each night. *ahem* Yeah... that didn't happen very many nights. Waiting for biscotti to finish baking is partially to blame ;) I'm taking it off the "blogged list" but it is still at the top of my list hanging on the frige for visual reminder.

*Declutter the dining room table and china hutch. I did work on the table for 1 chunk of time. One day. And made a small dent.

*Write 1 hand-written note. So easy and fun to do!

Spend 1 hour on bookwork.

Spend 1 hour on Susannah's baby book.
I spent alot of my 1 hour this past week looking for bits of information I'd recorded and writing it in the book.

Order my birthday present from Daniel. And it came :) I hope to do a blog post soon :) I can now cross one more thing off my "Goals for 2011" list!

Now for my goals this week:

*Sort through Susannah's clothes. My biggest and highest priority goal for this week. Wow. Friday we were wearing shorts and short-sleeves. Saturday morning it was chilly outside and I had to dig out warm clothes for her. I need to go through the clothes, get them organized and see how we're fit for the winter season.

*1 hour of bookwork. I know this has been on my list each week now, but seeing it on the list helps me stay accountable (hmm, pun anyone? ;) ).

*De-clutter dining room table and china hutch. And hopefully be able to cross this off this week!!

*2 hours on a special project. Wedding gift for my sister, so I can't post what it is in case she reads this ;)

*Make 3 batches of cheesecake cupcakes. I'm making these for my sister's wedding and need to have 300 made by the end of the month. I'd better get started so I don't have to put life on hold for a big chunk of time to get them all made in the nick of time!

*Write 1 hand-written note.

*Spend 1 hour working on Susannah's baby book. It is coming along nicely and I think I will be able to have it filled out up-to-date by the end of the year. Hopefully much sooner than that, really. This week I'll probably pick out and order pictures to paste on the different pages I've written on.

And those are my goals for this week! Do you enjoy or benefit from reading these? I enjoy reading Alicia's posts each week about her goals and get inspiration from them. I almost didn't post this week... but after reading her post, I came back to finish and and press "publish".


Alicia said... [Reply to comment]

Oh, so sorry about those allergies. No fun (my hubby has bad allergies, although mainly in the spring).
Good job on your goals! I was laughing when I noticed you kicked the bedtime goal off your list this week. How come?
Are you freezing the cheesecake cupcakes that you're making ahead of time? I think you should write a post/share the recipe for those...sounds AWESOME.
I hope I can be as diligent as you have been with your baby album with my wedding album! Married 4 1/2 years and it's still not done...

Miriam said... [Reply to comment]

@Alicia LOL! I didn't kick the bedtime totally off the list :P I thought people might get tired of seeing my bedtime posted each week. This week's list that is hanging on the frige actually has "BEDTIME!" at the very top! And yes, the cheesecakes will be frozen (without the fruit topping) until the wedding. I probably will do a post with the recipe sometime... maybe after the wedding when I'll have a picture of them displayed all prettily :)
One reason I want to do well with the baby album is because my own baby album either has nothing in it, or very, very, very little (mom has a book for each of her kids, but only the first few have anything in them). And I think it would be fun to look through it and see all those tidbits of information about myself :) So I want to do that for Susannah.