Thursday, April 28, 2011

Monday Morning Bullet Points

  • We're home from a whirl-wind vacation, spending a few days with Daniel's brother and his wife.
  • I am not convinced that a "dry pail" (for diapers) stinks less than a wet pail. I tried a dry pail last week with a loose lid on top. Whew-wee, the ammonia like odors that wafted out threatened to singe my nose-hairs! I used mostly cloth diapers while we were gone, chucking the dirty ones into a plastic grocery bag, that too is emanating terrible, nose-hair-singeing odors.
  • I haven't gone out to look at my garden since we got home, but the squash and zucchini plants in the kitchen grew 5-6" while we were gone!
  • Our cats have fleas. Our cats are all outside, but the fleas jump onto us and come inside. GRRR. I need to try and treat the kittens (and adults) again and hopefully the mama cat won't lick it off this time.
  • More rain is on it's way! The sky is getting darker and it's very rumbly. I should probably get off here and grab a few more things from the car before the skies open up.
  • The highchair fits in the dishwasher. It's in there because Susannah threw up in it three whole times yesterday. I don't know why, though.
  • Typing one more bullet point meant it's raining now. On my garden =D Yay!!!


Amanda said... [Reply to comment]

I have a wet pail for our cloth diapers (only holds about 8 of them though) and I find that I have to wash them every other day no matter how many diapers we go through. They just start stinking way to much after two days!

Thank goodness Susannah's chair fits in the dishwasher!

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

I there anyway to pen the Mama cat away from the kittens, or put a muzzle on her, or something? I feel sorry for you having to deal with itchy fleas. I also don't want the kittens we get to have fleas! Oh please! We can't handle that here. At least I can't.

Miriam said... [Reply to comment]

@Sally It probably *is* possible but at the moment I don't feel like dealing with setting up a place to keep her! I did find some flea spray yesterday and doused each kitten, and treated the mama cat and another one at the same time with some other stuff. I bombed the house a 2nd time this morning while we were gone, and when we got home... there are STILL live fleas in Susannah's room. Thankfully they don't get on her while she's sleeping, and surprisingly they don't make me itch. I always squash any that I find. Yeah, I know you and fleas don't get along. I hope we can get rid of them soon so you can get your kittens!

Maria D. @ DownrightDomesticity said... [Reply to comment]

Sometimes, when our diapers get really stinky, *looks around furtively* I use a little bleach. If you do that, don't use it on the covers, because that will ruin the elastic! Also, you may need to use less detergent if they smell fine when dry but get really bad when wet. I use about half of the lowest line on the detergent lid.

Squash grows so ridiculously fast! It's kind of scary how that happens. :-P

Mama said... [Reply to comment]

Try an open dry pail. I could go 2-3 days without washing 100% cotton. Anything synthetic is going to hold/ create odor.