Thursday, July 22, 2010

Big Grocery Shopping Trip 7-22-10

Well, this was a very big grocery shopping week. A couple things were so very low-low priced that it only made sense to stock up. I haven't totalled everything up yet, so we'll see how I did!

(and because it's kinda hard to see, I'll just subtly point out that the bottom layer of Gatorade is 3 wide, and the Mayo is stacked 2 deep :P )


(25) 32oz. Gatorade - $.49 ea.
(14) 22oz. Mayonnaise - $.94 ea.
(6) 22oz. Miracle Whip - $.94 ea. (1 not pictured)
(3) Ghiradelli Brownie Mixes - $1.49 ea.
(5) Cream Cheese - $.49 ea.
(5) Shredded Mozzarella Cheese - $.49 ea.
Large Rolled Oats - $2.50
(4) lg. Baby Cereal - $2.95 ea.
(4) 2pk. Baby Food - $.78 ea.
4lb. Sugar - $1.99
1lb. Raisins - $1.99
Tombstone Pizza - $2.49
Orange Juice - $2.99
Applesauce - $2.69 (Baby Food :) )
(2) lb. Turkey Sausage - $1.79 ea. - Manager's Special
B/S Chicken Breasts - $3.52 ($1.99/lb.)
Beef Shoulder Roast - $9.90 ($2.99/lb.)

(2) Large Roasting Pans - $.50 ea. (NYD 2011 :) )
(2) 2pk "Lasagna" Pans - $.50 ea.
12pk. double roll TP - $3.99
(6) Shaving Gel - $.94 ea.
Softsoap Hand Soap - FREE
(4) Crest Toothpaste - FREE

(Since everything pictured plus a couple other items are all on one receipt, these are roughly what the totals are.)

Food: $88.20
Non-Food - $14.48
Total OOP(ish) - $102.68

Total Savings for Food & Non-Food: $146.70 / 59%
Plus I got $7 back in coupons for my next purchase!

A couple things didn't go quite as planned with this trip. The Kraft cheeses that I bought are supposed to be part of a Kraft promotion where I should've gotten (2) $5 catalinas (coupons for $ off your next order) and I only got one. I may or may not research that one. The other $2 in Cats were nice surprises from Gerber. Speaking of Gerber and baby food... yes, I plan to make most of Susannah's baby food (unless I can get it free!), but I had coupons and these will be good for the trips we make. The pizza would've been $.49 but the local Kroger stores no longer take IPQ's over $1.00 b/c of high fraud activity :( Since it was part of the 40 items I was getting for the Mega Event sale, I left it in as opposed to trekking back through the store to get another Mega Event item.

How'd'ya like the Mayo stockpile?? After stock-piling last summer and running out, I didn't want to pay full price again! I acquired coupons from e-bay (that coupon wasn't in our paper) and stocked up! We'll see if we run out till next summer ;) Daniel figures this Gatorade supply should last for most of the remaining hot season.

I did talk to Daniel before spending so much on groceries. Because we are now stocked up on Gatorade I should be able to lower our weekly grocery budget back down to $30-$35, and I know there will be weeks that I won't go at all, or will only get a couple items. In the end, I think it'll all even out. I'm realy happy with how it all turned out :)