Thursday, May 6, 2010

Weekly Grocery Trip 5/5/10

Last night as I was putting the groceries away I told Daniel that we're gonna be eatin' "high on the hog" for a bit :) (And he followed that with "and the turkey and cow" to include the "meat" hotdogs.) There were some nice sales going on that allowed us to get a LOT of meat... and meat that usually is WAY out of our price-range. One of those is Chorizo... we've wanted to try Chorizo for a very long time but it's super expensive and this is the first time I've seen it on sale. Now I need to look up the recipes we want to use it in!

Wheaties - $1.44 (should've been $.69 but an e-coupon didn't come off)
(7) Gatorade - $.79/ea.
Orange Juice - $2.99
Milk - $1.69
(2) Reese's Dark - FREE
(4) Pineapple - $.73/ea.
(2) Lawry's Marinade - $.49/ea.
(4) Ball Park Meat Franks - $1.62/ea.
(2) Johnsonville Brats (19.6 oz.) - $2.99/ea.
(2) 16 oz. Oscar Mayer Bacon - $2.25/ea.
Breakfast Cheese - $1.25
(2) 18ct. Eggs - $1.67/ea.
Total Shelf Price - $77.53
Total OOP - $37.14
Saved - $40.39 / 52%

It was a great trip. We went after church last night and Daniel pushed Susannah (in her carseat) in one shopping cart and I pushed the "food" shopping cart. The lady that checked me out was very impressed with my free chocolate :P After checking me out she said "Wait, the chocolate is on sale 2/$1, and you had $.55 coupons. That means you got it for free!! Wow!!!" I told her I never turn down free chocolate ;)


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Way to go! Let me know what the Brats and the Chorizo taste like. I've never had either that I know of.