Saturday, May 15, 2010

Baby Robby Update

Different ones of you have been praying for Baby Robby, and I want to say thank you.

If you haven't been by Todd and Wendy's online journal lately, you should go take a look. Robby came off the ventilator today! Praise the Lord!

Keep some tissues nearby, though, because just reading what they're going through wrings this mama's heart! Thursday was a more difficult day for Robby, and just reading about it and imagining if it was ME and MY baby...

Another reason you should go to their journal is there are new pictures :) He is just the sweetest little thing!

Keep praying for this family. I pray there are many, many, MANY days ahead of them with little Robby, but they probably won't always be easy ones.

(Someone had asked on my last post if this was Todd and Wendy's first baby, and yes, it is.)