Tuesday, February 27, 2018

High Ambitions: Speed Cleaning the Whole House

Normally I would want to tackle a big project starting on a Monday, but yesterday was pretty much a wash between MOPS in the morning, rushing through lunch and then 2 doctor appointments for the girls, followed by a trip to the shoe store for Susannah. It turned out that trip was only 2 shoe sizes looong over-due!! She now has sparkling new dress shoes and tennis shoes that aren't threatening to burst at the toes! 
Add in that due to not sleeping great for a few nights, I was completely exhausted by halfway through the day so I mustered through supper and an early bedtime for everyone (everyone was tired!), and fell into bed myself about 2 hours before I usually do. I slept great allll night long and have renewed spirit today. 

Thus my high ambitions to get the whole house surface cleaned between today and Thursday (we have a full weekend). While I ate breakfast, oversaw the start of school, drank a massive mug of coffee, changed a dirty diaper, kept Silas from playing in the office or pulling the plugs out of outlets {why that is one of his favorite bad things to do, I'll never know}, I made a list. Then I re-wrote it neatly on a clean page in a nearly-used note-book, because moms use notebooks until they die and a neatly written list on a clean sheet of paper is just more... tackle-able?

Here is what I want to accomplish this week. The reality will be how much I can actually do between school, mama-ing everyone, piano and swimming lessons, feeding my family, diapers, instructing, quality time, dicipline, encouraging, redirecting, laundry... and I could go on. If you have kids you know. 😉

The kitchen is my Big Deal space. If the kitchen is clean, I can deal with just about anything else. So it always comes first when it comes to cleaning. Honestly it has been a while (read: a week?) since I gave it a good, thorough surface cleaning and somehow it clutters back up before I can change a diaper or give a bath.

But here it is in it's current non-glorious state: dishes (mostly big stuff that piles up like elephants in a bathroom stall)...

...and then the counter that collects stuff. Stuff like bunny rabbits multiply. Stuff that gets dropped mid-whatever when I have to stop, drop, and roll... with whatever incident needs dealt with right. now.

My poor fridge. 😂 I don't think there are too many fossils in here, but it definitely needs some cleaning out and reorganizing. It is always like playing fridge-jenga after a Costco trip (which was last week). 

{See Silas? He is saying his famous line, "Eh! Eh! Eh!", telling me that he wants one of everything.}

So... this is my starting place! I will post back tonight with a progress report! If I aim high, hopefully I won't land too low!


Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

One of my mottos is: if something doesn't have a home, it either goes out the door, or a home is found or created for it. The motto doesn't always bring success, and I still have "piles" of stuff collect, but my aim is to have less things to pile up.