Monday, September 30, 2013

Summer Pictures ~ Part Two

One afternoon Susannah was helping me make a pie. She used the leftover crust pieces to make her own little "pies". When she asked to actually bake them, we moved her pies into an oven-safe muffin tin instead of her plastic play pan. :)

I sprinkled some cinnamon and sugar on her pies and she added miniature chocolate chips. She loved doing it and I loved watching her have so much fun!

 Morning girls waiting for breakfast and day-time clothes. :)

Sylvia in the dryer. She looks so much like me and my sisters did at this age in this particular picture!

Some mornings Susannah likes to bring many of her accessories into the kitchen and snuggle on the rug while I make breakfast (Sylvia usually sleeps an hour or so later than Susannah, so it's just the two of us).

Sylvia with a bubble beard. :)  She literally eats her bath soap bubbles if she can!

Building a block road.

My pigtailed cutie.

Visiting with Daddy after he got home late one evening, and of course tasting his supper because Daddy's supper always tastes better!!

Susannah likes to wear a cap and sing "In My Father's House (are many mansions)" from the Steve Green Hide 'Em In Your Heart, Vol. 2 CD.

She also likes to comb/pick hair. :)
 ...and snuggle on Daddy's back at bedtime.

Reading books.

It's a good thing the easel has two sides!  Susannah is painting and Sylvia is "drawing" with colored pencils.