Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Salvaging the Week

Well, I think if nothing else, the start to this week should be a lesson to me that I need to get my to-do list in order by Sunday night. Especially if Monday starts off with anything other than a normal morning at home (i.e., MOPS).

I didn't have a list yesterday, and I felt silly feeling "lost" without it. But on the other hand I needed to focus myself towards talking to God (I'm tellin' ya, it was a rough day!) instead of sweeping my feelings under the rug and getting lost in the easy-to-become-an-idol List of Things To Do. So I turned on a worship CD and spent the afternoon having a pour-my-guts-out conversation with the Lord over a sink-full of dirty dishes. At the end of the day I was feeling better (emotionally and spiritually) even though I really hadn't gotten much done. Maybe it's a good thing I didn't have a list already made...

This morning - which has already gone much smoother :) - I am ready to get the train back on the track and start chuggin' away again.

Last week, my goals were
~ 2 hours of bookwork
~ Address 16 Christmas Cards
~ 1 - 2 hours on Susannah's Baby Book I spent a little over an hour (the remainder of Susannah's afternoon naptime) and found and ordered quite a few pictures for 6 or 7 "months" in the book.
Purchase tubs for Susannah's clothes and start sorting/packing I decided that frugality trumped OCD right now, and used the abundant supply of large diaper boxes. I got 2 boxes packed and had Daniel put them away, and have about 2 boxes worth left.
Clean off return vents This was SO easy and simple to do! It may have taken me 10 minutes??
Continue aiming for 10pm bedtime - 6am wakeup time for myself. I think I was close to successful some nights, I know it wasn't every night, though.

For this week...
~ I want to continue with 2 hours of bookwork.

~Address 16 Christmas Cards This will somewhat depend on if I can get to the store to get more. I thought I had more on hand than I did. I prefer to buy them on sale after Christmas for the following year :)
1 - 2 hours on Susannah's Baby Book
~ Finish packing Susannah's too-small clothes
~ Clean off hot-spots in the kitchen
~ Clean out the kitchen light covers
~ Start shopping for a Christmas gift I have in mind (it will be online shopping)
~ Continue aiming for 10pm/6am bedtime & get-out-of-bed time, at least 3x this week


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

I need to get some "to-do" lists going around here, or I'm not going to have things ready for Paul's birthday next week! Hang in there!