Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Sleeping in the frog position one night :)

Wanting to post more about our sweet Susannah, I thought a Tiny Talk Tuesday post would be fun. Susannah is now 18 months old (wow, how time flies!!) and is changing every day.

One thing she has learned recently (all on her own) has been to imitate a rooster's cockadoodle-doo. Her version is quite cute, of course, since she says it "gogn-gogn-gogn!" ("o" having the same sound as the "o" in "ostrich") Sometimes if we ask her "what does the rooster say?" she'll respond with her rooster sound, but usually she makes that sound when we are listening to a specific song on one of her Cedarmont Kids CDs that has a rooster sound in it.

One of her secret fun things to do is to dig through the bathroom drawers. That is not allowed, but she does get in them from time to time before I realize she is being too quiet. I had to move the Q-tips out of the drawer after finding her "cleaning her ears" with them one day. She has never seen Daniel or I use Q-tips to clean our ears, so she is only picking up on that from the occasional time that I use one to clean her ears during baths!

She is obviously very observant. Last week she was "helping" me load the dishwasher and saw that something had dripped onto the dishwasher door. She started making "eww, yuck!" exclaiming-type noises and reaching for the sink. I figured out that she wanted the dish-rag, and after handing it to her (and I pushed the bottom basket in) she wiped up the drips! That was a new thing for her, too, to ask for the dish-rag and want to wipe drips!

Singing. Oh, does she love to listen to singing!! And she can be picky about what she listens to as well! She loves the Cedarmont Kids CDs (Bible songs) the most. Often when we are riding in the car she will start asking for something, and motioning to the front of the car. It took us a while to figure out that she was asking for her music! Sometimes she sings along, which is fun to listen to. If we sneak in a different CD, after a while she will ask for HER music back!

She loved the rocking chairs at our cabin.

Along the lines of music and singing, this past weekend we had a mini-vacation with some of Daniel's family. The first night we sat around singing with Daniel and his dad playing guitars. Susannah walked into the middle of it all and holding onto a chair, started dancing and singing - and singing fairly loudly, too! For her dancing, she mostly bounced up and down and shook her head, but would throw in an occasional rear-end wiggle. It was sweet to hear and fun to watch!! And no, she did not learn to dance from me :)


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

That is so cute! I love the singing part. I hope we can hear it sometime. Andrew and I were just talking that we MUST expand our music library for the kids. (Actually, any good Christian music would be a boost, we have so little.) 2 Cedarmont Kids CD's and one goofy animal one are all our kids have heard, other than us singing and at church. Oh well. They're still growing up.

Kelly said... [Reply to comment]

She is so cute! I've been looking into getting some of the Cedarmont Kids cds for Lily. They have so many to choose from, it's hard for me to decide what to get :)

texascrow said... [Reply to comment]

Loved the post! Hope you are feeling well with your pregnancy.