Monday, December 13, 2010

Remember to Celebrate Christ's Birth

Through no one's fault but my own, I have had a pretty crummy December/Christmas season so far. Nothing Christmas-related is going the way I want it to. After whining (and yes, some crying) to Daniel Saturday about how I'm "not having a very nice December, which is my favorite time of the year," I began to slowly see how it all boils down to the attitude of my heart.

I can mope and feel bad that things are the way they are, or I can chin up and make the best of it! I admit, it is hard to keep a positive attitude about what feels like chaos when Daniel has been working so much the past several weeks and it feels like it's just me and Susannah all day, almost every day.

But over this past weekend, something Someone has reminded me that Christmas is not about a clean house, or Daniel being home, or Susannah not being sick, or ME not being sick, or having a Christmas tree, or baking yummy goodies, or getting all the shopping done early. Even though those things are very nice, and I certainly do like them (especially Daniel being home!!), they're not what makes December special.

CHRIST makes December special. If I remember to keep Him at the center, then I will also remember to find joy in the situations I'm in.

If I thought December has been crazy so far, heh-heh! I'd better tighten my seatbelt and get ready for some loop-de-loops. Between now and Christmas, there is a maximum of 6 days - including Sunday - that I have "nothing" going on. 6 days to get "everything" done that needs done before Christmas. Hmmm. It sounds like a recipe for the perfect storm. But. The Lord knows exactly what is going to happen, and I have decided to sit back and let Him direct. Doesn't mean I'm going to sit back and do nothing, no. I'm going to mentally sit back, relax, and ENJOY December from here on out while I - joyfully focused on celebrating His birth - work on all the tasks at hand.


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Good reminder! I keep turning my mind back to last Dec. and our situation then. Wow! Anything is better (ancillary-wise) than it was then. We aren't having our house worked on every single day. None of the kids have had ear infections yet and no one is vomiting. Anyway, if you want to when you have a spare moment, you can read over my post about last Dec. in my archives. Yes, Christ is Christmas, not health or being on schedule.