Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Weeky Grocery Trip 3-9-10

I managed to get another shopping trip in before the baby's arrival :) And I was happy to make it through the store without my water breaking :P Here's what I got:

2 gal. Orange Juice - $2.99/ea.
(3) Buddig Lunch Meats - $1.50/ea.
Chex Mix - FREE
Betty Crock Warm Delights Minis - FREE
Fiber One Yogurt 4pk - FREE
18 Eggs - $1.99
2.62lb. Roast - $6.52 ($2.49/lb.)
Apples - $.90
Bananas - $.71 (I got 3 and ate one before I took the picture :P )
Shelf Price - $47.53
Total OOP - $21.08
Saved - $26.45 / 56%

I was so tickled that the Orange Juice was still on sale. Not the lowest price, but at this price it's cheaper to buy 1 gallon than to buy 2 cans of concentrate that don't make a whole gallon combined. And we both really like Kroger's Homestyle Orange Juice, so it's always nice when it's cheap :)

I wouldn't have been able to save so much (or get so much) if it hadn't been for the FREE stuff. Those items bumped up my savings and the Chex Mix and cake bowls will be fun treats. The yogurt I'll enjoy plain (it's strawberry) or use it in smoothies - Yummy!


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

You made a haul, dude! That stuff looks positively delicious. Yeah, I'm really glad your water didn't break in the store too. I can't imagine that, or how embarrassing it would be. Not to mention the ordeal of getting home, etc. Do you carry towels in the car in case it happens away from home? I never did, but I just now thought of that.

Candi said... [Reply to comment]

Way to go! You amaze me at the deals you get!

Oh - and glad your water didn't break...that was my biggest fear too :)